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As a leading global engineering validation and consulting pioneer, Allion has officially announced that IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) system validation services are now available. Allion’s in-depth IVI system validation services comprises logo certification, device interoperability, and extended validations, such as software application validation, RF signal testing, and customized functional conformance. These IVI services aim to improve product quality and interoperability to increase customer satisfaction in the target market.


Allion Labs appointed as first Asian Accredited Test House of HomeGrid

Allion was selected as HomeGrid’s first Accredited Test house in Asia based on the strength of our lab proposal and long-term commitment to the G.hn wired networking standard. To learn more, please read HomeGrid’s official press release:


Allion Becomes Sony’s FeliCa Evaluation Lab to Improve Contactless IC Card Technology

Allion Japan (Allion Japan Inc.) has been accredited by Sony (Sony Corporation) as an official FeliCa Evaluation Lab that can perform FeliCa RF Performance Certification Testing. In addition to Japan, Allion has become the first FeliCa Evaluation Lab in Taiwan and the Greater China Region. Vendors can contact Allion’s worldwide branches for complete FeliCa technical consulting and certification application.

Allion Labs in Taiwan and Japan Authorized as HDCP ATCs for HDCP 2.2 Testing 

Digital Content Protection, LLC (DCP, LLC) has officially announced that Allion Labs (Allion) are Authorized Test Centers (ATCs) for HDCP 2.2 testing over HDMI in Taiwan (Allion Labs, Inc.) and Japan (Allion Japan, Inc.). These two labs both provide HDCP 2.2 (HDMI) compliance testing and technical consultation with real-time services and local assistance to customers.


Comparative Analysis of 802.11ac Wireless Access Points

In recent years, an increasing proportion of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, and digital home entertainment systems include WLAN connectivity using Wi-Fi technology. Even if the simplicity and usability add greatly to wireless AP usage, fundamental problems still exist due to poor signal coverage and unstable performance. One particularly effective wireless test methodology that Allion has developed involves a competitive analysis of wireless AP devices. This methodology involves a series of wireless device validation scopes and test items.
Please refer to the article for details.

Testing & Certification -The Driving Forces Behind The Screen!

It seems nothing special when talking about this recreation activity - watching TV. Nonetheless, there is a force behind the screen driven by accumulated innovation and technology integration within the TV industry. With several years of experiences in TV broadcast signal testing and certification, Allion will share its knowledge and analyze the TV ecosystem, including the challenges that TV makers might encounter in the process of signal acquisition, testing and verification. Please refer to the article for details.

2014 Allion HDMI 2.0 Compliance and Interoperability Plugfest

HDMI Authorized Testing Center (ATC) to be officially authorized by HDMI Forum to provide comprehensive HDMI 2.0 Compliance Testing. To provide the best HDMI 2.0 test experiences to customers, Allion held a HDMI 2.0 Compliance and Interoperability Plugfest in August. This event included technical support by senior engineers, access to updated 2.0 testing tools and equipment, and technical assistance with interoperability and compliance testing procedures. This Plugfest enabled our customers to experience our HDMI 2.0 services while discovering critical product issues to increase product quality and accelerate time-to-market.


Wi-Fi Alliance Regional Symposium - Taipei

As a Wi-Fi ATL (Authorized Test Laboratory), Allion co-organized the Wi-Fi Alliance Regional Symposium in Taipei on September 23, 2014. Our Sales Manager, Kirin Yu introduced the latest Wi-Fi certification programs, such as Wi-Fi Direct Services and Passpoint Release 2 and validation services that Allion provides.


2014 Bluetooth Automotive Test Event in USA

As a BQTF (Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility) accredited by the Bluetooth SIG, Allion participated in and sponsored the Bluetooth Automotive Test Event held from August 19 to 21, 2014 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. Robert Yao, Global Business Development VP of Allion, gave an in-depth speech concerning interoperability validation for IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems at the venue.

Issue “2014 Bluetooth Analyst Digest”

This digest projects a strong position for Bluetooth in sports and fitness, medical, beacons and smart home markets. Please refer to the link:
Please press here for details.

Update the status of CCX Lite programs

This update included work on existing issues and fixes in the Foundation and Voice levels. Cisco will update the CCX Voice test plan in the future.

VESA Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- The DisplayPort 1.3 audio / video (A/V) standard was released.
The publication of the DisplayPort Alternate Mode (“Alt Mode”) on USB Type-C Standard was released.
- New Software version 1.7 R4 for Unigraf Test Equipment has been approved.

VESA has selected Jim Choate as their new Compliance Manager Consultant

- Prior to this position, Jim served as USB-IF Compliance Committee Chairman.

Starting from October 1st 2014, the change in the Mandatory Media Format Profiles in the Certification Test Plan, will take effect for DMP, DMR and DMS device classes.
- The DMP and DMR Audio Mandatory Media Format Profiles will be all of
   the below: LPCM/ MP3/ AAC_ISO_320/ AAC_ADTS_320.
- The DMS Audio Mandatory Media Format Profiles will be either LPCM or
   MP3 or AAC_ISO_320.

New LPTT (Link Protection Test Tool) Update
- Each member who orders a workstation license needs to sign an updated version of the LPTT
   End User License Agreement (EULA). DLNA will charge an annual 1,000 USD fee for each
   workstation license.

HomeGrid Forum (G.hn) appoints Allion Labs as First Asian Accredited Test house.

HDMI Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- The HDMI 2.0d CTS was released on August 15, 2014.
- The HDMI 2.0e CTS was released on September 11, 2014.

HDCP Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- HDCP test software for HDMI 1.4b is updated from to
- HDCP test software for HDMI 2.0 is updated from 1.2 to 1.6

MHL 3.2 Cable certification is available.

Mopria Alliance Print Specification version 1.1 is released.

UPnP exhibited its new UPnP+ capabilities at this year’s IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in the Netherlands, showing how UPnP can integrate devices into the IoT (Internet of Things).

USB Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- USB Power Delivery Compliance Test: the USB Power Delivery v2.0 and USB
   Billboard Device Class v1.0 specifications are released.
- USB Connector Type C Compliance Test: USB Type-C Specification Release
   1.0 is released.

HCK QFE 11 for Windows 8.1 now available. Frequency of hardware certification kit filters announcement has increased to four times a day.

Wi-Fi Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n Test Plan_V2.0.38
- Wi-Fi Protected Setup Test Plan_V2.0.14
- Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac Test Plan_V1.0.9
- Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Protected Management Frame (PMF) Test Plan_v1.0.6
- Wi-Fi Direct Services Test Plan_V1.0
- Any device showing both AP and client 802.11 functionalities must be certified for both APUTs
   and STAUTs.

Wi-Fi Alliance has added to its broadly-adopted Wi-Fi Direct certification program a set of services.

2014 SSDA Autumn Seminar

November 19, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan

VESA Technical Workshop Taipei

November 13, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan

For more information, please contact us at seminar@allion.com

October 21-24, 2014

Oudenaarde, Belgium

Apple MFi Technology Summit

November 12-14, 2014

Shenzhen, China

October 27-30, 2014

Berlin, Germany

December 9-12, 2014

Washington DC, USA

November 10-13, 2014

Redmond, Washington

October 21-23, 2014

Madrid, Spain

October 27, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan

October 28-31, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan

October, 22, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan


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