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IAA 2015: Connected Cars are the Most Important Trend in Mobility

The future of automotive technology was on display at the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show from September 17-27, 2015. According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the IAA exhibition unveiled 210 world premier cars this year; which was an increase in unveilings from last year and a response to increasing demand for vehicles in North America and Europe. Most brands focused on energy-efficiency and connectivity innovations. Component suppliers, infrastructure providers, and connectivity vendors promoted outstanding new technologies, while vehicle and allied service providers highlighted the benefits of connected smart cars.

Smartwatch Market Trends: Hits and Misses

In recent years, wearable devices have become hot consumer products. As these devices are now more powerful and easier to use, they also increasingly offer functions that were previously only available on their mobile brethren, smart phones and tablets, such as instant messaging, video calling, and multimedia streaming. The smartwatch segment of the wearable market also follows this trend, with more functionality and greater product differentiation, which translates to more choices for consumers.

SD UHS-II Protocol Enables Advanced Applications and Performance

Mobile devices are essential for our daily life, but for most of us, the internal memory storage on these devices is inadequate. Unfortunately, this problem is only getting worse, as activities like photo taking, video recording, and downloading, demand increasingly more memory. As a result, many users expand available memory on their mobile devices by inserting SD cards. According to Strategy Analytics, 75% of smart phones include a MicroSD slot, which points to the fact that SD cards are now an essential feature for many mobile devices. The SD industry trade group, SD Association (SDA), continuously improves SD card specifications and protocols in order to satisfy the ever increasing demand for memory.

IoT Smart Home Solutions Demand Innovative Applications

The 2015 Taiwan Technical Forum, hosted by the Economic Daily News, ended on July 28. This year, the main topic of the forum was the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications. Smart homes are a hot topic in the IoT field since these applications are closer to our daily lives. IoT device makers have recently expanded their smart home initiatives by creating different IoT devices to capture new business opportunities.


Allion at 66th International Motor Show Connected Cars Take Center Stage

The future of automotive technology was on display at the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show from September 17-27, 2015. This year, IAA launched a new show format, 「New Mobility World」, which showcased innovations across several core themes: Connected Car, Automated Driving, E-Mobility, Urban Mobility, and New Mobility Services. The goal of IAA's 「New Mobility World」 was to provide a new platform for the ecosystem emerging around the future of mobility.

Allion Labs Authorized as Chrome OS Touch Test Lab

In 2009, Google launched Chrome OS, a computer operating system that features a fast, simple, and secure user experience resting on a distributed worldwide platform of web-based applications and cloud-based data storage. As a growing segment of the market, computer manufacturers are investing more heavily in Chromebooks, the brand name for notebooks running Chrome OS. To maintain high-quality industry standards, Google has introduced an Approved Vendor List (AVL) for suppliers of Chromebook components, such as touchpads, touchscreens, display panels, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth adapters, and USB hubs.

Allion Taiwan Officially Achieves MHL HDCP 2.2 and MHL 3.2 Sink Test Certification, Authorized to Provide Relevant Test Certification Programs

After being certified by Digital Content Protection LLC (DCP) as an HDMI HDCP 2.2 Authorized Test Center (ATC) in September 2014, Allion Taiwan (Allion Labs, Inc.) has recently also been certified by DCP as an MHL HDCP 2.2 ATC. This means that Allion Taiwan can now offer the latest HDCP conformance testing and technical advice for both HDMI and MHL interfaces. The HDCP 2.2 standard prevents illegal copying of digital audio and video content as it travels between source and sink devices.

2015 Bluetooth Automotive Test Event in USA

As the BQTF (Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility) accredited by Bluetooth SIG, Allion participated in and sponsored Bluetooth Automotive Test Event in Michigan USA held from August 18th to 20st, 2015. Robert Yao, Global Business Development Vice President of Allion given an in-depth speech about Interoperability validation for IVI (In-Vehicle infotainment) system and our authorized BQE (Bluetooth Qualification Expert), Felix Kao as a quality consultant shared his solid technical knowledge at the venue.


Allion Labs Collaborating with Z-Wave for Z-Wave Developers Forum & Unplug Fest – Taiwan 2015

Z-Wave 2015 Developers Forum & Unplug Fest was successfully held by Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion), a prominent engineering validation and certification lab, and Z-Wave in Taipei, Taiwan from July 21 to 22, 2015. Z-Wave in this event points out that in order to simplify the development process, Z-ware C library adds plenty of new modules that connect to Z/IP Gateways. This allows developers to more easily add new interfaces and build Z/IP Gateways. In the future, the C API will focus on modularity and reusability to make work even more efficient. Allion took this opportunity by introducing Z-Wave pre-test, comprehensive Z-Wave testing service can be offered during the product development stage, as well as validating customer product prior to formal compliance testing to reduce time and effort, and thereby accelerate the time to market for new products. Allion will maintain a close relationship with the Z-Wave Alliance and provide timely updates to our clients.


Bluetooth Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Bluetooth 5.0 Enhanced Data Length (2Mbps) will be approved in the end of 2015.
- Specification update
    ● New 2Mb/s LE Prototyping Adoption Candidate
    ● Test Case Referenced List (TCRL) is updated to version 2015-1.
    ● New TPG is ready to be released in EOY 2015.
    ● Deprecated profiles: 3DSP 1.0/ AVCTP 1.3/ AVRCP 1.4/ BIP 1.1/ FTP 1.2 HDP 1.0/ SDAP/ SPP 1.1/
        SYNC 1.1
- Compliance update
    ● PTS
        ◆ PTS 6.2.1 was released: 08/11/2015
    ● MT8852B
        ◆ MT8852B Latest Firmware: v4.20.000

VESA Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- DP Alt Mode on USB Type-C Standard v1.0a was published on July 6.
- DP 1.3 Adaptive Sync SCR was published.

DLNA Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Compliance Test Tool Update
- New Link Protection Test Tool (LPTT) version 2.0.36 is the current official version
  to use in DLNA 2.0, 3.0 and VidiPath Certification Testing.
- (LPTT) version 2.0.29 Expires on November 27, 2015

DLNA Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Specification V1.4 launch schedule Delayed to end of September.

HDMI Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- The HDMI 2.0I CTS was released on September 18, 2015.
- CTS add:
    ● GRL MOI (HF1-10, 18)    QD MOI (HF1-13, 15, HF3-3)
    ● Keysight MOI (HF2-25)   R&S MOI (HF1-11, 14, 18, 21, 22, HF2-1, 24)
- CTS update:
    ● QD MOI (HF1-31, 33, 51) Keysight MOI (HF1-1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, HF2-1, 24)

HDCP Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- HDCP 2.2 test equipment FW/SW updated on HDMI/MHL
    ● Simplay Labs SL-8800 firmware/software updated from 2.0 to 2.01

MHL Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Super MHL Spec ver.1.1 was released on August 19, 2015.
- Lattice Semiconductor Brings SuperMHL Compatibility to USB 3.1 Type-C
    ● Support Chips: Sil8630 & Sil9396
    ● Support USB Type-C connector
    ● Video resolution is up to 4Kp60

SATA Policy/Requirement/News Updated
- UTD 1.5(v1.0) Interoperability Test Revision was released on 9/5 for 30 day member review.
    ● Add TSG-17(for Gen3i and Gen3u), Device and Host, Normative
    ● Add IPM-12& IPM-13, Device only, Informative

Thunderbolt Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Thunderbolt Admin announced the adopter plans to use Allion for pre-certification testing, the device may be eligible to use pre-certification data towards final device certification.

USB Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- Compliance Test Tool update
 Tool Name
USB20CV (unchanged)
Hub30CV (unchanged)
XHSETT (unchanged)
EHSETT (unchanged)
Interoperability Rev 1.60 (unchanged)
Backwards Compatibility Rev 1.60 (unchanged)
Interop tools 12/04/2014 (unchanged)
SigTest 3.2.11 (unchanged)
USB PD Vendor Info File Generator
KGH hub firmware 0982 (unchanged)
DELL XPS8700 BIOS A08 (unchanged)


Wi-Fi Policy/Requirement/News Updated

- CTS Updated
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFICED n System Interoperability Test Plan Version 2.5
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFICED n System Interoperability Test Plan Version 2.6
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac Interoperability Test Plan Version 1.5
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast Interoperability Test Plan Version 1.4
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast Interoperability Test Plan Version 1.5
    ● Voice over Wi-Fi Enterprise test plan 1.1

- Compliance Tool Update
    ● Sigma tool_v8.3.0 effects the following certification programs:
Wi-Fi Direct WMM-Admission Control
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n Voice-Enterprise
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac Passpoint
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA2 with Protected Management Frames TDLS
Miracast Wi-Fi Aware

    ● These versions must be implemented by November 22, 2015.



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