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ULTRA HD Premium™ Certification Sets New Standard for Video Display Industry
Audio Test Smart phone

As a next-generation digital video technology, Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) is gradually supplanting HD video across the consumer electronics (CE) landscape. In our homes, at work, and on the go, UHD is now available in a wide range of products, including televisions, computer monitors, video cameras, and mobile devices. Content producers, video service providers, hardware manufacturers, and retailers are all promoting the transition to UHD.

Allion @ Embedded World 2016
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Embedded World is the largest computer and embedded systems exhibition in the world with 939 exhibitors from 38 countries and more than 25,000 visitors in attendance. A major focus this year is embedded security with a special show called Safe for the Future and an associated exhibition area dedicated to this topic. 

Smartphone User Experience Analysis-Touch
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In this article, we explore some important factors that contribute to smartphone touch screen quality. To understand these factors, we present some recent testing that our smartphone validation team performed. These tests evaluated touch screen sensitivity, interference capability, scroll/drag performance, etc.

Smartphone User Experience Analysis – Audio (I)
Audio Test Smart phone

Many people use smartphones to play music or record sounds. Due to the fast pace of technological change and fierce competition, consumers have high expectations of smartphone audio performance. Audio tests are usually subjective, but Allion applies objective laboratory methods to detect differences in smartphone audio quality.

Smartphone User Experience Analysis – Audio (II)
Audio Test Smart phone

It is difficult to find information about smartphone audio input testing because the techniques are so uncommon and complicated. Since Allion has conducted audio testing for many years, we have accumulated a body of knowledge and practical experience in audio input testing, including testing of headphone input jacks and built-in microphones. In this article, we present our audio input test methods and some sample test results based on some recent test data.

Future Forecast : Internet of Things
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You have probably heard the term the Internet of Things, or its abbreviation IoT, but what is it exactly? In recent years, high-tech experts have been declaring its imminent arrival and technology forecasters have been estimating its potential market value in the trillions of dollars. Despite all this, many people do not appreciate the importance of the IoT revolution.

Allion Taiwan is the only Intel® WiDi Rx Certification Lab in Asia-Pacific
HomeGrid G.hn產品

Intel has just recently assigned Allion Taiwan as its first WiDi Rx Certification Lab in the Asia-Pacific region. The Intel® WiDi certification process involves a series of validation tests to ensure excellent user experiences, reliable wireless connectivity, and seamless video streaming performance. Supported product categories include TVs and projectors with built-in WiDi receivers, plug-in adapters, and other Wi-Di devices. To achieve certification, vendors must submit their products to assigned certification labs for independent inspection.

Allion Japan becomes a UHDA Authorized Test Center

As a new UHDA Authorized Test Center, Allion Japan can now provide product certification to ensure that devices comply with all UHDA specifications. UHD video is certainly a hot topic for consumers, vendors and content providers. As such, companies that manufacture related devices and equipment (e.g. cables, graphics cards, video players, and storage drives) are eager to make their mark in this new market. Due to increased competition, UHDA certification seems like a smart strategy for suppliers who wish to differentiate their products based on quality. 

Visit Allion at 2016 Embedded World

Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) attended 2016 Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany. As a leading quality assurance and compliance services center for wired, wireless, storage, and embedded products, Allion demonstrated its exceptional test services and consulting engineering solutions to existing and future customers. Embedded World is the largest computer and embedded systems exhibition in the world with roughly 900 exhibitors. This event spans all the latest embedded technology, including hardware (component, modules, and systems), software (OS, firmware, and apps), and associated services. At this event, Allion presented all of our comprehensive product verification and validation services, with a special focus on our IoT related test services.

Bluetooth Policy/Requirement/News
- Specification Update: New 2Mb/s LE Prototyping Adoption Candidate
    ● Test Case Referenced List (TCRL) is updated to version 2015-2.

DisplayPort Policy/Requirement/News
- Display Stream Compression standard to support new applications and richer display content.
    ● DSC 1.2 features native 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 coding to support up to 16 bits per color; increased compression efficiency increases support of High Dynamic Range content.

DLNA Policy/Requirement/News
- Compliance Test Tool Update
    ● CTT is the current official version for DLNA 2.0, 3.0 and VidiPath Certification Testing.
    ● Certification Test Bed Matrix: VM4_0_2

HDMI Policy/Requirement/News
- The HDMI 2.0b Spec was released on March 3, 2016.
    ● CEC extensions provide more expanded command and control of consumer electronics devices through a single control point.
- The HDMI 2.0n CTS was released on January 4, 2016.

MHL Policy/Requirement/News
- MHL 1, MHL 2, and MHL 3 Capabilities Declaration Form (CDF) for ATC Submission was released on March 8, 2016.

SATA Policy/Requirement/News
- SATA Specification Revision 3.3 gold is released on February 16, 2016.
    ● Power Disable
    ● Single-Pin Activity Indicator
    ● Transmitter Emphasis Specification

USB-IF Policy/Requirement/News
- Compliance tool was updated, as shown in the table below:
 Tool Name
Interoperability Rev 1.59
Backwards Compatibility Rev 1.60
Interop tools 10/13/15 (Win 8.1)
12/18/15 (Win 10)
SigTest 3.2.11 (gen1) (gen2)
USB PD Vendor Info File Generator
KGH hub firmware 0982

Wi-Fi Policy/Requirement/News Updated
- CTS update
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFICED Wi-Fi Protected Setup Interoperability Test Plan v2.0.16 must be implemented by May 17, 2016.
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFICED n System Interoperability Test Plan version 2.9 will be implemented from June 9, 2016.
    ● Wi-Fi Direct System Interoperability Test Plan version 1.4 will be implemented from April 7, 2016.
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast Interoperability Test Plan version 1.6 will be implemented from April 7, 2016.
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac Interoperability Test Plan version 1.6 will be implemented from April 7, 2016.
- Compliance tool update
    ● Wi-Fi Test Suite v9.1.0 effects the following certification programs:
Implementation date
Wi-Fi Direct WMM-Admission Control April 7, 2016
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n Voice-Enterprise June 6, 2016
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac Passpoint April 7, 2016
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA2 with Protected Management Frames TDLS optional
Miracast Wi-Fi Aware April 7, 2016
WMM-Power Save Passpoint Release 2 optional
Wi-Fi Direct with NFC Wi-Fi Direct Services optional

- ASD Test Plan Consolidation Status Update
    ● Integrate consolidated categories into baseline test plan and Wi-Fi Test Suite, 2nd Half, 2016
    ● Remove all ASDs for common device categories and discontinue use of non-standard test tools, Jan 1, 2017
- 2016 New Certification Launches
    ● CERTIFIED ac wave 2: 4 May – 16 June, ATL Qualification
    ● 60 GHz: 11 July – 28 Aug, ATL Qualification


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