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We are thrilled to announce Allion (Taiwan & USA) has been recognized by OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) to become one of the first wave of certification ATL Labs globally. Allion Taiwan is not only familiar with local culture, language and customs, but also Allion Taiwan can fully support all activities and certification in Taiwan, USA, China, Japan and Korea. We are not only excited, but also pleased to provide and promote OCF certification, interoperability and performance testing in Asia. Utilizing the benefits and strengths of various compliances; not only to boost OCF standard adoption and the advance of OCF technology, but also we can assist in the integration and liaison between OCF and other technology standards Allion represents from development to implementation.
The Importance of An Impartial Third Party Testing Lab
IoT, Type-C

Recent media coverage regarding the safety of consumer electronic devices, have caught our attention; especially when many of our gadgets today are manufactured and tested by the same institutions. Hence, possibly causing flaws or biased judgment during the certification process. Therefore, when another related incident from a product which, was born via this “α & Ω solution”. We as a responsible and professional institution had to ask ourselves the dodgy question we’ve all known for a while by now. “Is a one way arrangement from drawing board to certification and manufacturing, really what we want?”

[Smart Home Hub Test] Making Sure You Get Extra Coverage When It Matters Most
IoT, Type-C

With the gargantuan scope of choices from brand, price, aesthetics to the array of platforms from Apple’s Home Kit, MI, etc. All of which offers various functions and applications; however, most of us only require a multifunction internet control center and would do quite well with it. Thus, embodying us with the ability to control the majority of household products and the ability to becoming more energy-efficient, convenient and safe. Overall uplifting the quality and standard of living for all families.

Trends & Developments for SSDs in 2016
IoT, Type-C

The traditional spinning hard drive is the basic nonvolatile storage on a computer. That is, information on it doesn't "go away" when you turn off the system, as is true of data stored in computing memory. A hard drives is essentially a metal platter with a magnetic coating that stores your data, whether weather reports from the last century, a high-definition copy of the Star Wars trilogy, or your digital music collection. A read/write head on an arm accesses the data while the platters are spinning.

[The Dual between Titans] The Search for performance Excelsior
IoT, Type-C

For this review our study group has chosen 4 upcoming high-end smart phones for a review and Competitive Analysis; this not only helps producers better understand their products, but also has a definitive effect on market placement and SWOT analysis. Through this we at Allion are able to locate possible flaws and provide optimal solutions for our clients.

[Pushing to New Limits!] A Comprehensive Review of Smart Phone GPS Systems
IoT, Type-C

In an effort to improve accuracy, Smart Phone and GPS providers continue to pursue better and more precise products. At Allion our superior test teams have set up their own GPS benchmarking tests on various Smart Phone providers respectfully. Besides comparing their positioning ability we shall also look at Failure Route on different driving scenarios; simultaneously, examining the Failure Rate on various providers.

NEC Joins Celebration as Allion Expands Presence in Shenzhen
IoT, Type-C

As a leader in flexible and innovative product testing and validation, we are pleased to announce the grand opening of new office in Shenzhen. Bringing together the highest quality testing services, exceptional technical expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and world-class test facilities, this office positions Allion to better serve our customers in Greater China for years to come.

VESA DisplayPort Plug Test (USA)

Allion group join VESA DisplayPort Plug Test in USA during 9/12-9/16. We will continuously attend related activities in Asia. Please follow us on our website.


Allion’s new Responsive Web Design (RWD) Website is online! We are devoted to provide an excellent reading experience for all devices. Visit us@ http://www.allion.com/

SD Association Global Workshop Shanghai 2016

SD Association held SD Association Global Workshop Shanghai 2016 on 7/1. It included SD new technology and business application.

Bluetooth Policy/Requirement/News
- Program Update:
    ● Bluetooth 5 is coming soon.
    ● Test Case Referenced List (TCRL) is updated to version 2016-1 (2016-07-14) and 2016-2 is coming soon (October).
    ● RF and RF-PHY test SPEC have updated to 4.2.3 (2016-07-13)
- Test tools Update
    ● PTS (Profile Tuning Suite) is updated to version 6.7.0
- Other
    ● PRD (Program Reference Document ) 3.0 is coming soon

DLNA Policy/Requirement/News
- Compliance Test Tool Update
    ● LPTT update in Q4 (v2.0.37)

HDCP Policy/Requirement/News
- DCP LLC sent HDCP 2.2 Source Compliance tests Waiver Request to ATCs on August 19.
    ● Certain consumer products with internally integrated HDCP converters have been unable to pass the HDCP 2.2 Source compliance tests 1B-01, 1B-07, 1B-08 and 1B-09.
    ● DCP believes these specific failures resulting from the inability of these products to support DEVICE_COUNT values of 31 or less and DEPTH values of 4 or less, may be waived/disregarded for those products by the ATCs for a 12 month period until August 22, 2017 for the purpose of HDCP Compliance Testing.
- DCP LLC updated HDCP 2.2 Source Compliance tests Waiver Request Process to ATCs on Sep 13.
    ● Each Adopter, whose product is subject to the waiver, will be providing an attachment with their product submission to the ATC that easily and readily identifies that product as one where this waiver is applicable.

HDMI Policy/Requirement/News
- CTS update
    ● Added QD MOI(HF1-17,20,23, 27,29,43,47,52,54,55, CEC HF4-1-6, 4-1-7 ,4-2-7,4-2-8 ,4-2-11 ,4-3-1)
    ● Added Simplay Labs MOI(HF1-17,20,29,53, HF2-11,12,16,34,44,45,47,48,49,50,54)
    ● Added Allion Labs MOI(HF1-23, HF2-10,31,32,35,53)
    ● Added Rohde& Schwarz MOI (HF1-15,43,HF3-5,21,23)
    ● Updated QD MOI (HF1-11,12,13,14,15,16,18,21,22,24,25,28,32,34,35,51)
    ● Updated Keysight MOI(HF2-1,2,3,6,7,23,24,25)
    ● Updated Tektronix MOI (HF2-1,2,3) Specification update
- HDMI 1.4b Alt Mode on USB Type C specification was released on September 15, 2016.

SATA Policy/Requirement/News
- Program Update
    ● SATA-IO board has decided to phase-out the UTD v1.4 testing guidelines by December 15, 2016
    ● SATA-IO only accept UTD1.5 submission after December 15, 2016
    ● UTD1.5 new Mandatory Test Item: TX emphasis

UPnP Policy/Requirement/News
- UPnP Certification Test Tool Update:
    ● UCTT v2.0.72 released October 7, 2016
- UPnP Policy
    ● Test logs from earlier versions of the UCTT 2.0 tool will not be accepted two months after a newer version has been released.
- UPnP+ certification is available. When registering a device, please be sure to indicate that you are seeking UPnP+ certification and submit a passing test log using the appropriate UPnP+ testing profile.

USB Policy/Requirement/News
- Compliance update
 Tool Name
Interoperability Rev 1.60 (unchanged)
Backwards Compatibility Rev 1.70 (unchanged)
Interop tools 12/18/15 (Win 10)(unchanged)
SigTest (gen1)
Vendor Info File Generator
KGH hub firmware 0982 (unchanged)
DELL XPS8700 BIOS A08 (unchanged)

Wi-Fi Policy/Requirement/News
- Program update
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n System Interoperability Test Plan V2.11
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint Release 2 Interoperability Test Plan V1.3
    ● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac Interoperability Test Plan V2.1
    ● New Wi-Fi CERTIFICED WiGig Interoperability Test Plan V1.0 launch from October 24, 2016.

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