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USB-IF has officially authorized Allion to become the first ATL (Authorized Test Lab) in the Greater China region to provide USB PD 2.0 certification & testing, for USB PD 2.0 Silicon & USB Type-C™ Power Bricks. USB PD 2.0 (USB Power Delivery 2.0) supports USB Type-C specifications, dual PD mode, also providing up to 100(W) of output. This satisfies the fast charging requirements from consumers; for smart phones, laptops, appliances and automotive electronics, etc.

Technical Insight

On August 4th 2016, Allion Labs was officially recognized by MCPC ( Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium ) as the First and only ATL to provide mobile device MCPC Certification. Mr. Masahiro Hataguchi who is the Head Secretary & Chief of Internal Affairs for MCPC, also Chief Technical Commissar Mr. Kenji Oguma and finally CEO of Allion Labs ( Japan ) Mr. Hideaki Nakayama. Together they will share with us the facilitation & promotion of mobile device charging safety in the future.

Event Review
Allion Kicks-off 2017 with PD 2.0 Webinar !

Allion will be engaging in numerus webinars this year. The first of which was completed on the 19th of January, the Topic of this webinar was to introduce USB PD 2.0 Silicon and USB Power Bricks technology. During this insightful experience the speaker shared a verity of practical experiences. There was also an engagement between the speaker and audiences; generating many fruitful and knowledgeable exchange of ideas.
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