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Video Electronics Standard Association; VESA has released the DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3 ( or DisplayPort 1.4 ) early certification program in January 2017. Authorizing Allion to provide DisplayPort 1.4 Certification and testing service; as an ATL for VESA, Allion will introduce the specifications and details of DisplayPort 1.4 Certification and testing service.

Technical Insight
With IT industry in fast forwards, transmission in high quality and high speed is now a focus for all kinds of electronic products for better performances, and thus reduction of signal attenuation and distortion as well as which of interruption from noises between components or devices connection is highly demanded. Therefore, Connectors as bridges for such connections are for sure involved into such issue concerned.

As CES marks half a century of bringing innovation to the world, there were over 3800 vendors from 150 countries and 170000 attendees. Many conceptual products shown in the past have become actual or even mass production products this year. Out of all the products exhibited “VR” related products has been the focus of attention, this can be seen in the 79% increase for related products. Autonomous vehicles & vehicle related technology have also been the focus of this year, with well over 200 thousand Square foot of exhibition space. Allion is here to provide first hand coverage for all you tech fans out there.

Allion News Express
ALLION is the only ATL authorized by Intel to provide SQC (Software Quality Certification) for Intel® Digital Signage Systems. The certification ensures the connectivity, functionality, operability and most importantly the optimization for enhanced user experience.

Event Review
Successful Wi-Fi Seminar @ Allion Shenzhen
Allion-hosted Wi-Fi Seminar is held during this February 22th in Shenzhen of China, with attendees representing of more than 30 entrepreneurs from Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong on the venue for the updated Wi-Fi technology status. During this seminar, those hot topics recently among the traders of related industries are most included in these presentations, including Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n and Miracast® together with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Location™. We are glad that all of the attendees by this chance were updated with latest industry news and cheers on the way back to home.
OCF x Allion on IoT Promotion via OCF Plugfest
OCF Plugfest held during the entire 4th week of this February was closed on the 24th of that Friday after a 5-day intensive discussion. During this OCF Plug Assembly, the applied data mode was IoTivity 1.2.1, with test specification as OIC 1.1 and standard test tool as 1.4.5. Most of all, by technology connection with OCF and Intel, one of the venders on the venue has brought the news that they are now already on such common research of updated Generic Bridge introduced as its next generation. Allion is currently associated with part of OCF promotion campaigns. In addition to Taipei, such event has also been held in Tokyo just recently.
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Thunderbolt 3 Developer Conference – Taipei, Taiwan.
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